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The Executive Functioning Workbook will help students plan, start, and finish work independently.

What is in the Workbook?


  *  Self-assessment in each school subject

  *  Scheduling time for homework and studying

  *  Setting academic and personal goals 

  *  Breaking down long-term projects into daily tasks

  *  Setting up a study space at home 

  *  Active reading and study skills

  *  Organizing a backpack

  *  Taking useful notes on lectures and texts

  *  Using a planner to track assignments 

  *  Test preparation and test-taking strategies

  *  Estimating how long homework will take 

  *  Tracking progress and setting new goals


The Executive Functioning Workbook is the first subject-matter book geared toward the STUDENT – providing worksheets and advice for students to develop and improve their Executive Functioning skills. 


EF Workbook

The Executive Functioning Workbook provides easy to follow, hands-on guidance and support to help students organize, plan, and follow through on tasks.

 The step-by-step worksheets and checklists designed by educational experts Melissa Mullin Ph.D. and Karen Fried PsyD MFT are the results of over 20 years of helping students succeed in school. 

Executive Functioning

The key to success