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 Executive Functioning Coaching

provides one-on-one coaching to enable students to understand their learning profile, create goals and achieve them.

Why Us?

The K&M Center has over 20 years of expertise in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of students who have problems with organization, time management, and study skills.  Our groundbreaking Executive Functioning Workbook has helped guide hundreds of students and parents through the process of creating study plans that really work. Our Executive Functioning Program offers step-by step instruction so students gain the necessary skills needed for independence and success.  The K&M Center's experience enhances the individual student protocols used by all of our Executive Functioning Coaches. 

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The Executive Functioning Workbook provides easy to follow, hands-on guidance and support to help students organize, plan, and follow through on tasks.

​​Is your child smart but struggling in school?

We have the solution. 

K&M Center Executive Functioning Coaches and Executive Functioning Workbook provide step-by-step guidance to help students succeed in school.

Summer is Coming!

Do you need help completing summer reading assignments?

Do your writing skills need improvement?

Are time managements and organization a problem?

Our Summer Executive Functioning Program can help.